Supporting Us

It costs us approximately £100 for each client we see, free at the point of delivery.
All our Life Coaches and office helpers are volunteers and we receive NO government or NHS funding. We are a registered charity no.1138735.

Each client we see costs us approximately £100 for the full five sessions; this covers rent, expenses, coaching materials and our running costs. We do ask our clients to make a donation towards the cost of their sessions but many are unable to do so.

We raise money through ‘Friends of Reclaim Life’ (please see below for further details of this regular giving initiative) and events such as fashion shows, barbeques, talks, coffee mornings etc. We also make some grant applications but, in the current economic climate, these are becoming harder to come by.

If you, your group or your company would like to make a donation or hold a fund raising event on our behalf, to support our much needed and growing service, please contact the office by e-mail or phone on 01525 63 8314. We can provide leaflets, posters or even a speaker to help with your event and, with a bit of notice, we can help advertise it through our extensive mailing list and website.

Your support is very much appreciated. THANK YOU